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Anderson Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a two-way radio accessories solution & service provider.

Professional meeting worldwide radio users rely on our replacement accessories services.

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Battery Pack
The brand new two way radio battery packs made from top quality Chinese cells or Sanyo cell available for many famous radio models and brands
Single and Double charger, Universal and Six Bank charger as well as optional cups fitting wide range of your two way radios as well as its battery packs.
A dummy battery with voltage regulator. The eliminator is an ideal product to keep in you car glove box for those times when the radio battery goes flat.
Other Accessories
Belt Clips, Leather Case, Radio holster, Carrying Holder,  Earpiece, Microphone, Antenna for two-way radios to offer you one-stop service and meet all your needs.
Battery Analyzer
This Battery tester is to analyze all your Mobile Phone batteries, some of the PDA batteries, DC/DV batteries and Two-way Radio batteries etc.

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